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Singapore’s Most Energetic Field Trip For Children


This is for all the kindergartens and child-care centres out there! Let your pre-schoolers have a ball of a time with an outing to BearyFun Gym! A school field trip to our gym will allow the children to have a taste of exciting and stimulating physical activities designed for team building as well as making use of carefully selected gym equipment such as the uneven bar, parallel bar, the foam pit as well as the ever-popular "super bouncy" trampoline that'll definitely give young children the time of their life!


Why a preschool outing to BearyFun?


Our gym can help children develop their coordination and balance while entertaining and exercising them. Introducing kids at a young age to physical activity can set them up for a healthy life. Our classes are based on tried and tested early childhood developmental theories, perfectly targeted at their age group and level of physical fitness.


We strongly believe that anyone can participate in and benefit from gymnastics; you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy and see the benefit from our centre.


Give your class the school outing opportunity of a lifetime with coach guided fun children activities at BearyFun Gym!


You may download the field trip brochure below:


Field trip@ Bukit Batok : Download


Fun activities for children that help them develop into healthy, active adults


BearyFun Gym is a great place for any child in Singapore of any age to begin to develop skills and fitness that will serve them well later in life. Offering structured classes as well as general play at our centres, we give children both teacher-led programs that teach them technical skills and the freedom to explore their own abilities and practice what they find important.


Contact our two locations today and discover the fun your child could be having and the benefit our programs can make. Make a general enquiry through our contact page, our Bukit Batok branch at (+65) 6588 1415.


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BearyFun Gym believes in equipping young children with the essential movement skills and nurturing them to be confident children with healthy bodies and alert minds in a fun and non-competitive environment. We also believe that gymnastics help to build the foundation of all sports.