Gymnastics for Kids

At BearyFun Gym, we tailor our weekly children's gym classes for the complete range of young'uns from 4 - 12 years old. Designed to engage your little ones in fun and energetic exercises, we take great pride and satisfaction in maximising your child's social, mental and physical development.



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Bukit Batok Branch / Changi Branch


Type of Programme

Description of Programme

Bubbly N2
4 years old

A wide range of energetic and fun activities such as fitness circuits to ensure continual movement will be installed within the one hour class. Socialisation activities to teach children to listen and follow instructions, share and take turns, emotional development activities to encourage risk taking and deal with failure will be the highlight of the class.

Lively K1
5 years old

Tumbling skills, preceded by loco-motor movements, are introduced and mastered. More gymnastics skills are taught simultaneously in the one hour class to help them become stronger, more agile, more coordinated and more self-confident.

Flexi K2
6 years old

Because of the children's ability to understand more technical instruction, combined with their eagerness to learn, this one-hour weekly programme becomes more focused on learning gymnastic skills, to further challenge the children - both physically and mentally.

Fitness Teens
7 to 12 years old

This one-and-half hour weekly programme incorporates more conditioning and strength activities to prepare for more physically demanding skills. More challenging gymnastics skills are introduced, reviewed and mastered to build body strength, ability, coordination and confidence.

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BearyFun Gym believes in equipping young children with the essential movement skills and nurturing them to be confident children with healthy bodies and alert minds in a fun and non-competitive environment. We also believe that gymnastics help to build the foundation of all sports.