Bearyfun Gym Programmes in Kindergarten

Looking for a reliable gym enrichment programme for the young children in your kindergarten or child care centre?


BearyFun Gym is one of the city’s pioneers in providing kids’ programmes focusing on gymnastics! With more than 14 years in the industry, we have coached and delivered gymnastic programmes in more than 40 kindergartens and child care centres with Beary awesome results!


Our Gym Enrichment Programme helps children grow in many ways


Our Preschool Gymnastics Programme aims to develop the enthusiasm for physical activity and promote all-round physical development in our children. We emphasize on teaching the Dominant Movement Patterns (jumping and landing skills, rolling, balance, travelling), which are fundamental movement abilities.


Be assured that the safety of the children is of utmost importance to us. All preventive and safety measures will be put in place during the lessons. The children will be under close supervision by the coach.


Click here to download our preschool programme brochure and also check out the age groups we design our programmes for as well as their benefits:





Psychomotor & Body Coordination Development
Increase in Muscular Strength, Endurance, Flexibility & Agility
Knowledge of Break Falling Techniques
Gain pre-requisite skill for other sports

Improved Attention Span
Stimulate Brain Development
Develop Quick Thinking Skill
Mental Skills Training

Build up Self-Esteem, Determination and Discipline
Develop Pro Social Character Traits
Cultivate Hard Work Ethic
Overcoming Fears


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BearyFun Gym believes in equipping young children with the essential movement skills and nurturing them to be confident children with healthy bodies and alert minds in a fun and non-competitive environment. We also believe that gymnastics help to build the foundation of all sports.