Preschool Educators! Learn more about the concepts of movement and the benefits of movement through our engaging and interactive workshops. Teachers will also experience first-hand the various variations of gymnastics activities and learn simple yet fun manipulative activities for the preschoolers. Come ready to play and experience the fun that the kids had!


Course Descriptions


1.      Understand children's physical needs from birth till 12 years old

2.      Benefits of gymnastics movement programme for young children

3.      Clear many misconceptions about gymnastics!

4.      Hands-on experience of some manipulative activities that a preschool teacher can adopt

5.      Understand the fundamentals of gymnastics movement programme

6.      Hands-on experience of gymnastics movement activities by using gymnastics equipment

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BearyFun Gym believes in equipping young children with the essential movement skills and nurturing them to be confident children with healthy bodies and alert minds in a fun and non-competitive environment. We also believe that gymnastics help to build the foundation of all sports.